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In addition to the software packages, We provide customized software solutions at reasonable prices so as to meet various requirements of healthcare and bioinformatics. Our software customization capabilities are based on the latest technologies available and range from software modifications to full application development.

HealthWatch Pro customization

  • Handling additional data, for example, a research related to dental issues asked to allow input information on oral infection or bleeding, defective fillings, and tonsils enlarged, et al.
  • Mapping data with Geographic Information Systems (GIS).
  • Applying new protocols in processing data.
  • Providing special GUIs.
  • Providing interfaces with other software applications such as Practice Management Systems for optimum efficiency.
  • GrowthChart SDK customization

  • Support other growth chart standards in addition to CDC and WHO
  • Integrate Growth Charts into EMR systems running at Windows or Unix or Linux OS.
  • BVTech Plasmid customization

  • Integration of BVTech Plasmid with other bioinformatics applications
  • Integration of any proprietary DNA analysis into BVTech Plasmid
  • Some Completed Projects

  • Oracle database and front-end application for the project of Washington-Wilkes Health Study (Supported by Georgia Biomedical Initials)
  • Access database and front-end application for Medical College of Georgia FitKid project (Supported by NIH DK63391)
  • Provided a software package for a research group in University of West Virginia who is performing a health survey in which there are 50,000 students participating.

    Our team's broad range of world class expertise ensures that your solutions will be scientifically sound, and technically robust. If you're interested in more information on our consulting solutions, please contact us at

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